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  1. David Lorge Parnas
  2. Really rethinking 'Formal Methods'
  3. IEEE Computer Magazine V43n1(Jan 2010)pp28-34 + letter V43n3(Mar 2010)pp6-7
  5. Claims of progress and industrial adoption doubted. Example: benefits of inspection vs formal specification known since 1979. They can account for most later claims!
  6. Alarming gaps: Research vs Practice, Software development vs engineering, computer science and mathematics.
  7. Mathematical papers are about a particular formal language not discovering ways to apply new mathematics to a problem.
  8. Computer variables are finite state machine but in mathematics variable are placeholders in functions and relations.
  9. How to handle arrays.
  10. Conventional expressions don't express piecewise-continuous and discrete functions.
  11. These days: most software variables have a hidden state., programs do not terminate, and time is important.
  12. Use relations and relational algebra! Abandon pre-conditions and post-conditions!
  13. Work in multiple directions.
  14. Find ways to handle side-effects and non-determinism.
  15. Distinguish model vs specification vs description. Avoid "specification languages"
  16. Investigate using a predicate to specify requirements.
  17. Need to be able to analyze a program like an engineer analyses a circuit. Not program proof, but derivation of properties.
  18. Need to research ways to use mathematics to document programs -- outside of the code of the program.
  19. De-emphasize "technology transfer" and advocacy, instead go back and change what we are selling.
  20. We need an integrated notation and step by step ways of moving from user to code.
  21. Be careful to spot abstractions that are lies!
  22. Don't try to be philosophers and logicians... try to emulate engineers.
  23. Letter from Toomas Plaks: Some math applications were lost in the search for formal methods.
  24. Letter from Lee Pike: quotes examples of successful FMs, but some research not worthwhile.
  25. Reply: mathematics is not yet mainstream.

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