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  1. Neil Maiden & Alexis Gizikis & Suzanne Robertson
  2. Provoking Creativity: Imagine what your Requirements Could Be Like
  3. IEEE Software Magazine V21n5(Sep /Oct 2004)pp68-75
  5. Describes theoretical basis for creative thinking: Diverge; Converge. Prepare, incubate, illumination, verification. Cf. CORT TEC Target-Expand-Contract
  6. RESCUE::="Requirements Engineering with Scenarios for User-centered Engineering".
  7. CORA::="COnflict Resolution Assistant", for air-traffic Control. Cf. TCAS projects.
  8. Used other domains and analogies to explore requirements. Analogy via a common abstraction.
  9. Combine random stimuli(eg toy frog) and combinations of requirements.
  10. Transform problems by relaxing constraints.
  11. Helps to understand the difficulty of creativity.
  12. Encourage playfulness.
  13. Groups and plenary sessions. Ideas on cards.
  14. Analogies need a step-by-step guidance.
  15. It takes time to incubate analogical ideas,
  16. Structure workshops about ideas rather than creative processes.
  17. Record the rationale behind ideas.
  18. Time to let off steam...
  19. Plan plan and then plan alternatives.
  20. Need a champion for workshops.
  21. See Gottesdiener, DeBono, Wickelgreen, ...

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