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  1. Ted G Lewis(<lewis@cs.nps.navy.mil>Naval Postgraduate School)
  2. The Next 10000[2] Years: Part II
  3. IEEE Computer Magazine V29N5(May 1996)pp78-86
  4. =ESSAY predictions DESIGN REUSE
      Note 10000[2]years = 16.years,

      Continues [LewisT94c]

    1. networks will survive.

      Software as Steam for the future.

      Quotes Capers Jones on programmer productivity increasing 3-5% per year ($/fp).

      Shows comparison of power of languages.

      reates an oportunity for new ideas etc.

      Predicts large MIS will go for visual tools and object tools rather than languages. (compare Keuffel96? - the bubble sort effect). OT as a stepping stone, discarding functional decomposition and hiding if-then-else logic.

    2. Errors of inheritance and polymorphism.

    3. Things lacking and possible fixes:
      1. Requirements: continuous adaption
      2. defects: correct-by-construction
      3. Avoid big systems, make pieces
      4. Time: paint programs
      5. Cost: throwaway parts
      6. expertise: use tools with artistic skills needed

    4. Frameworks with API, Components produced by experts.
    5. Applets as event handlers with user in control using frameworks and components

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