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  1. Leslie Lamport<lamport@src.dec.com>
  2. How to Write a Proof
  3. American Math Monthly V102n7(Aug-Sep 1995)pp600-608
      Hierarchically structured proofs in outline style see Abadi & Lamports work.

      Q.E.D. is a step representing what needs to be proved:

       Theorem <statement>
       PROOF SKETCH: <english style proof scetch>
       ASSUME: <label>. <predicate> ...
       PROVE: <predicate>
       NumberedList( <number>. <step|predicate> )
         <number>. Q.E.D.

       LET: <definitions>
       Choose .... such that....

       CASE: statement of assumption
      is short for
       ASSUME: Statemnt of assumption
       PROVE: Q.E.D.

  5. Also see online reports [Lamport94c]

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