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  1. Steve Krug
  2. Don't Make me Think: A Common sense approach to web usability
  3. New Riders 2000 TK5105.888 K78 ISBN 0-7897-2310-7
  5. "Advanced Common Sense"
  6. Expert usability review != usability testing
  7. (1) self evident | (2) self explanatory
  8. Users scan pages, they don't read them. We guess. We muddle through.
  9. Visual hierarchy and logic. Conventions. Break up into areas. Make clickabilty obvious. Minimize noise.
  10. Omit words! Instructions and happy talk.
  11. ask(search) or browse?
  12. navigation info: site id, utilities( a way home, a way to search,...), contents(with drop down secondary navigation)
  13. Page names on all pages, and match link text that refs them.
  14. bread crumbs: You are here X>Y>Z>...
  15. Tab dividers. Drawn right and front tab clearly in front.
  16. home pages: all the above + tag line + ...+where to start
  17. design team problems: wars of religion -> resolve by testing the particular case
  18. How to do usability tests.....

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