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  1. Philipe Kruchten
  2. The Biological Half-life of Software Engineering Ideas
  3. IEEE Software Magazine V25n5(Sep/Oct 2008)pp10-11
  4. =SURVEY IDEAS 1988..2008
  5. Half_life(C)::=The time taken before 50% of a chemical C is removed from a body, example: Half_life(caffeine) =~= 3.5.hrs.
  6. Out of 50 items in IEEE Software from 1988 no more than 3 are still important.
  7. This implies a Half_life of about 5.years.
  8. Professional organizations enforce continuing professional development.
  9. More important to learn how to learn than learn the language/system of the day.
  10. (dick)|-Compare the half life used to model radioactive decay.
  11. (dick)|-Suggests exponential decay:
  12. amount (t) = amount (t0) * 2 ** ((t0-t)/ half_life) ).
  13. (dick)|-Which ideas are strong enough to survive?

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