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  1. Natalia Juristo & Ana Maria Moreno & Marta Lopez
  2. How to Use Linguistic Instruments for Object-Oriented Analysis
  3. IEEE Software Magazine V17n3(May/Jun 2000)pp80-89
  5. step by step way to map requirements via objectmodel (OM) plus behavior model (BM) to OO? design
  6. Starts with informal requirements, but notes errors occur in them.
  7. Splits into static vs dynamic. Translates into 1:special language; 2: OMT+martin
  8. missing(p85) : using normalization to assign attributes to class.
  9. missing(pp88-89) :ref to NIAM?
  10. wrong(p87) : when a method operates on all the classes in a sub-hierarchy "the method will belong to the highest class". leads to anomolous classes with no behaviors plus highlevel classes with complex logic and so reduced maintainabillty. [BottingJuristo00]

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