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  1. Watts S Humphrey (SEI)
  2. A Discipline for Software Engineering
  3. Addison-Wesley Redwood City CA 1995 (SEI Series in software Engineering)
  4. ISBN 0-201-54610-8 BNB 93-41673 QA76.758H857
      PSP=Personal Software Process

    1. (ac)|-Did not work well as CS455(Software Engineering) text.

      Includes logic and statistics! Goal-Question-Metric. Tables("Templates") in chapter 10 "software design".

      See [Humphrey95b] for quick summary.

      Reviewed by Tom DeMarco: revolutionary idea that individuals should be responsible for estimation and measurement, not institutions. Weakest in low-level design. IEEE Computing Magazine Oct 1995 pp82-83

      Follow ups: Textbook on PSP: [Humphrey97;] the Team Software Process( [TSP] ), introduction [Humphrey00]

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