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  1. C Michael Hollowy<c.m.holloway@larc.nasa.gov> & Ricky W Butler
  2. Impediments to Industrial Use of Formal Methods
  3. IEEE Computer Magazine V29N4(Apr 1996)pp25-26
      NASA Langley Research center spnsoring industrial projects: AAMP-FV processor, toold manipulating decision tables.

      showed impediments: tools, examples, expectations that tools sell themselves.

    1. Tools: "Not only do the input languages use specialized notations from mathematical logic, but many tools have numerous bugs in them. Few things are more disconcerting..." need to improve quality of current not their power.
    2. Examples are toy, interesting but irrelevnt
    3. The first effort in a new domain requires far greater creativity than subsequent efforts.

      need to provide guidance for executives on matching method to applications. unbiased assessments.

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