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  1. MIke Hinchey & Michael A Jackson & Patrick Cousot & Byron Cook & Jonathen P Bowen & Tiziana
  2. Software Engineering and Formal Methods
  3. Commun ACM V51n9(Sep 2008)pp54-59 [ 1378727.1378742 ] CR 0908-0760
  5. Summary of three key note speeches from ICSE&FM 2007.
  6. Describes history: increasing dependability of hardware, more intensive use of software, more ubiquitous computing, no increase in software dependability.
  7. Formal methods can increase dependability.
  8. Jackson notes that good engineering stays within the normal design discipline associated with a given application domain. Radical design leaves the normal and always decreases the dependability of the result. Therefore the need to develop special purpose disciplines for each domain. Refers to [Vincenti90] on engineering. Compare with Henry Petrosky's work.
  9. Patrick Cousot defines formal methods and the idea of abstraction. Mentions Astree.
  10. Byron Cook notes the explosion of complexity when there is concurrency and the attempts to overcome it.
  11. Conclusion reviews the history, describes method engineering and states that the quest continues...

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