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  1. Ruben Hersh
  2. Fresh Breezes in the philosophy of Mathematics
  3. American Math Monthly V102n7(aug-sep 1995)pp589-594
      logicism, formalism, intuitionism have produced no solutions to the question of why math works as well as it does.

      Compares history to the philosophy of science: Phil/Sc went thru a logical positivist phase of (axioms, maps, theories) before people studied what real scientists do...

      Humanistic ideas about math: human, fallible, rigor varies, empirical clues and numerical experiments and probabilities help more than logic, objects as social-cultural-historical objects

      p593: "Study of the lawful, predictable parts of the physical world has a name. That name is 'physics'. Study of the lawful, predictable parts of the social-conceptual world has a name. The name is 'mathematics'."

  5. Compare [Lakatos76].

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