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  1. Emmannuel Henry & Benoit Faller
  2. Large-scale Industrial Reuse to Reduce Cost and Cycle Time
  3. IEEE Software Magazine V12n5(Sep 1995)pp47-53
      Note sizes 400...500KLOC of C++ EXPERIENCE Separated physical, GUI, Data comms, data base and logic of a naval permanent system and could then reuse the physical,GUI.... parts in an mobile army system

      significant speed up in delivery, productivity and 30% decraes in the number of faults/LOC.

      Also used incremental delivery to validate and improve GUI.

      Claims that there is much to be said for starting out with reusing what you have on the way to developing a new process.

      Use of good design, and C++. Design elements are about 20 classes. functional set(subsystem has 30..100 design elements).

      Reuse 20..50%, faults down 15%..50% as well.

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