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  1. Brian Hayes
  2. Writing Math on the Web
  3. American Scientist V97n2(Mar-Apr 2009)pp98-102
  4. =ARTICLE HTML ΤΕΧ TeX MathML JsMath FONTS techexplorer
  5. Problems with putting formulae onto web pages.
  6. Where to render the formula: author, server, or client?
  7. Client: Plugin(techexplorer), fonts, special script (JsMath). Rely on user having the plugins and fonts to work.
  8. Server example -- Wikipedia uses texvc, MathTeX, MimeTeX. All make graphic images. reliable and ugly.
  9. How to render: as a graphical image or using Fonts or Unicode?
  10. Failure of MathML to become mainstream.
  11. (dick)|-Failure of ΤΕΧ to express hypertext markup.
  12. (dick)|-No formal syntax and semantics for proofs and logic in ΤΕΧ or MathML
  13. (dick)|-Still like my MATHS language better.

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