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  1. Arie Gurfinkel & Marsha Chechik & Benet Devereux
  2. Temporal Logic Query Checking: A Tool for Model exploration
  3. IEEE Trans Software Engineering V29n10(Oct 2003)pp898-914
  4. Based on [GurfinkelDevereuxChechik02]
  5. =IDEA MODAL TEMPORAL LOGIC CTL Placeholders DeMorgan Algebra TLQSolver χ\_Chek Cruise control SCR CSCI656
  6. Instead of checking a CTL for truth/falsity: compute the formula that "fill in the blanks" in a CTL formula:
  7. AG(?1) -- what is always and forever true?
  8. AX(?1{p,q}) -- what formula on p and q (only) is always true in the next step?
  9. AG(?1 /\ AX?2) -- what pair of formulas ...

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