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  1. David Gries
  2. Teaching Calculation and Discrimination: A More Effective Curriculum
  3. Commun ACMV34n3(Nar 1991)pp44-54. Letters Commun ACM V34n9(Oct 1991)pp16-18 & 91-95 & Commun ACM V35n2(Feb 1992)pp22-26
      text book version [GriesSchneider93]

      p45"In Summary, Software engineering, Computing, and Computing education all suffer from a lack of basic mathematical skills that are needed in dealing with algorithmic concepts.", "Calculational proofs", "overhauling the CS Magor",

    1. p54"The main activity that is supposed to separate engineering from other fields is design: the actual activity of preparing a plans for some object[..] design of proofs[...]".
    2. p54"Let us all learn more about calculational techniques and gain skill with them: and let us begin to teach computing using them."

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