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  1. Martin D Fraser & Kuldeep Kumar & Vijay K Vaishnavi
  2. Strategies for Incorporating Formal Specifications in Software Develpment
  3. Commun ACM V37n10(Oct 1994)pp74-86 CR9509-0705
      Note -- quotes examples limitted to VDM+XYZ Footnote 1: Specification in terms of system components, options,... vs Spec as callection of user's "functional requirements" p75: past research has focussed on notation and rules of inference not on methods and tools, "The Softaware engineer is lef to his or her own devices to discover the software requiements and structure them into a requirements architecture." p75: Most need discrete math and logic which most SwEngs don't know.

      Table 1

    1. Page77: defines methods, lists 10: VDM, Z, Larch, FSM, Petri Nets, Temporal Logic, Transition Axioms, CSP, CCS, PAISLEY
    2. Page 78. Lists 9 strategies of use Table 2, page 79: informal vs semi-formal vs formal: definition and examples (JSD as semiformal) Morphological analysis Table 3: Formalization Processes (taxonomy= { direct, transitional={sequential, parallel}}) Table 4: Support: Unassistted vs Computer Assisted Table 5: Table 3 >< Table 4 -> references

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