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  1. Jim Conallen(jconalle@Rational.com)
  2. Modeling web application architectures with UML
  3. Commun ACM V42n10(Oct 1999)pp63-70 in [Booch99]
  4. =ESSAY WWW/NET DESIGN UML stereotypes vs [RMM]
  5. Also see [Conallen98] on the WWW
  6. web application implement business logic and when accessed changes the state of the business. Separate business ADM from presentation UI.
  7. ADM:=Analysis/Design model
  8. classes: separate client side pages from server side pages. serverside builds clientside.
  9. components: Iconic stereotypes
  10. stereotypes for: server pages, client pages, links,builds, form, parts of forms, frame, target, applets, javascript, activex,...
  11. Details to be announced [ http://www.rational.com/ ]

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