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  1. Marsha Chechik & Benet Devereux & Steve Easterbrook & Arie Gurfinkel
  2. Multi-Valued Symbolic Model-Checking
  3. ACM TOSEM Trans Software Eng & Methodology V12n4(Oct 2003)pp371-408
  4. =IDEA TOOL MODEL CHECKING CTL FSM Kripke Multi-valued LOGIC Quasi-Boolean Lattice Χ\_CTL Χ\_Check Χ\_Kripke
  5. Extends classical {False, True} reasoning to {False, Maybe, True} values. Good for incomplete models found during analysis.
  6. Able to have multi-valued variables in: state of FSM, Transitions between states, satisfaction.
  7. meaning(EX(p)) := backward_image(RR)(meaning(p)).
  8. backward_image(RR)(TT) := map[s:S](multivalued_union[t:T](TT(t) multivalued_intersection RR(s,t) )).
  9. Implementation described in 2002 CSRG Tech Report 446, University of Toronto

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