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  1. Joshua E Caplan & Mehdi T Harandi(*@cs.uiuc.edu)
  2. A Logical Framework for Software Proof Reuse [SamadzadehZand95] pp106-113
  4. Hoare triples do not have referential transparency!
      Created a new quantifier to bind (and hide) program identifiers into a context and protect them from sustitution. deca;arations also bind identifiers (and so hide them).

      Assignment axiom:

    1. for_vars x( {P(t=>x[m])} x[m]:= t {P} ). Declaration axiom:
    2. for_vars x({ P and x[m]=e} C{Q})
    3. ---------------------------------------------------where x=y,x[m],z.
    4. for_vars y,z( {P} new x[m]:=e ; C {Q} )

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