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  1. Manfred Broy
  2. Can Practitioners neglect theory and theoreticians Neglect practice?
  3. IEEE Computer V44n10(Oct 2011)pp19-24
  5. Theory should help establish terminology, techniques, and measurements. Practicioners have provided good ideas but where is the scientific tests of these theories?
  6. Craft, Science, or Engineering?
  7. Theory should help organize knowledge -- both domain and technical knowledge
  8. A method/methodology may not have an explicit theory and probably: does not scle, is too difficult, not well designed, and not cost-effective.
  9. Theory should be part of a software enginmeers education: operating systems, data bases, protocols, formal languages, semantics,... informatics, sociology,...
  10. Theory in research: based on empirical data, isolated, vs ad hoc methods.
  11. We do not need beautiful theories -- we need to solve particular problems.
  12. Other forms of engineering a based on separate sciences... software engineering depends on logics and theories of information and computation.

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