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  1. Patrick Brown
  2. Integrated hypertext and program understanding tools
  3. IBM Syst J V30n3(1991)pp363-392
  5. CR 9211-0872(N Zvegintov)
      CR92011-0875 is by N Zvegintov and refers to the lack of tools to record and maintain links between the domain and the implementation.

      Multiple{languages, platforms(IBM), uses, data/tools}

      ISEA Integrated SoftwareEngineering Applications tools platform OS/2 + VM + MVS, Distributed client &/| server

      CodeNavigator helps programmers {undertand software, analying change requests, Diagnosis} {what, where, how}-used, flows{logic, calling,...}, annotations, source code brousing

      p369 "Program analysis can create databases that may grow to many times the size of the original source library"

      500KLOC -> too big for wkstn DB

      Staged analysis, raw vs derived data

      flexible USER interfaces

    1. TRAILS::= prototype hypertext tool

      linking program data - HIPO | lexical afinity |Data model attributes

      p389: "Lost in Hyperspace" - "loosing track of what they are looking at or how they got there"

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