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  1. Bob Britcher
  2. A Few (proposed) fundamental laws of programming
  3. IEEE Computer Magazine V29N3(Mar 1996)p136(Open channel)
      The Law of Rapid Specialization
    1. In programming major changes in the product can occur in an instant
    2. vs time to change plant or physical products

      The Law of Fallibility

    3. The most careful reasoning about a simple sentence can lead to a wrong conclusion about the real world
    4. Programmers have to reduce big "word-problems" to logic.

      The Law of Intellectual Gravity

    5. Programs can be as massive(in there own way) as physical objcts.

      The Law of Permannence

    6. Programs do not become extinct. They are not discarded, they are piled up, combined, absorbed, breeding and spreading.

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