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  1. Daniel M Berry & Erik Kamsties
  2. The syntactically dangerous ALL and Plural in Specifications
  3. IEEE Software Magazine V22n1(Jan /Feb 2005)pp55-57
  5. Words to suspect: "only", "all", "also", "each".
  6. Use "each" when describing a property of the individual members of a set.
  7. Use "all" for shared properties across a set.
  8. Can use simple logic to clarify an ambiguity.
  9. All the lights in the room have a single on-off switch.
    1. Each light has its own switch.
    2. For all y:lights_in_room, one x: switch (x is on_off_switch_for y).
    3. All the lights share a common switch.
    4. For one x: switch, all y:lights_in_room (x is on_off_switch_for y).

    (End of Net)

  10. Similarly for plurals: "Students enroll in six courses" vs "Students enroll in hundreds of courses".

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