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  1. Joseph Barjis
  2. The importance of business process modeling in software systems design
  3. Science of Computer Programming V71n1(Mar 2008)pp73-87 [ science $CR 0906-0558 ]
  4. =ADVERT METHOD THEORY MODEL DEMO LANGUAGE-ACTION PETRI GRAPHIC ANALYSIS REQUIREMENTS SCENARIOS Keywords: Requirements specifications; Model checking; Business process modeling; Business process simulation;
  5. DEMO::="Design & Engineering Methodology for Organizations", [ http://www.demo.nl/ ]
  6. Special colored Petri nets show logic. Can be simulated to show clients what is possible.
  7. Analyze business processes in terms of the language-action cycle as expressed as Transactions between parts.
  8. Transaction::=Order; Execution; Result.
  9. Order is a transition from initiator to executor. It sets up a contract for the executor to carry out.
  10. Result is a transition from executor to initiator. It completes the contract.
  11. Execution is executed by the executor and can initiate further transactions with others.

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