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  1. Franck Barbier & Brian Henderson-Sellers & Annig Le Parc-Lacarelle & Jean-Michele Bruel
  2. Formalization of the Whole-Part Relationship in the Unified Modeling Language
  3. IEEE Trans Software Engineering V29n5(May 2003)pp459-470 Reviewed CR 0409-1078 and 0409-1079
  4. =PROPOSAL Object-Oriented MODEL STANDARD aggregation composition whole-part bibliography UML OCL MetaModel OML OPEN Diamonds
  5. careful philosophical analysis of semantics of whole-part. some confused "common logic" and much OCL.
  6. Defines a new dotted diamond whole-part Relationship with specialization of aggregation and composition.
  7. Introduces new stereotypes to indicate OCL constraints on the UML MetaModel.
  8. Will it make it into UML4.0?
  9. Correspondence
    1. IEEE Trans Software Engineering V29n11(Nov 2003)pp1054-1056
    2. "On formalization of the whole-part relationship in the unified modeling Language" by Hee Beng Kuan Tan & Lun Hao & Yong Hang corrects discrepancies,
    3. "Controversies about the Black and White Diamonds" by Frank Barbier & Brian Henderson-Sellers" responds by changing name of "antisymmetry", accepting new formula for "transitivity", and agreeing to minor correction in a proof. Regrets the absence of "scientific" review of UML specifications.

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