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  1. Kenneth Baclawski & Bipin Indurkhya
  2. The Notion of Inheritance in object-oriented programming(Letter)
  3. Commun ACM V37n9(Sep 1994)pp118-119

    [Grosberg93] [ArnoldK94] (C++ advice)

      refers to debate over meaning of inheritance:
    1. Abrahams's 91 letter "Subject: Objectivism"
    2. Lalonde & Pugh JOOP 91 "subclassing <> subtyping <> is-a"
    3. Tesler's 91 CACM letter
    4. Wegner 80 pages in 90 OOPS messenger
    5. Winkler 92 letter refers to POV vs COV in Winkler's letter Quotes Wegner 90
    6. POV = Physical & COV = Conceptual Piaget: Child constructs idea of object permanence from its own actions on the objects.

      Class of objects without actions<>class of objects with some actions.

      Failure to find epistomological foundations of the IS-A link - six different generic-generic and four kinds of generic-individual relation

      "The point here is that the concepts in the real world, which programs attempt to model, do not come in neatly packaged hierarchies." (cf GoldsteinAlger92)

      "There are no standard conceptual hierachies. Given a domain and a specific PURPOSE, certain concept hierarchies would be clearly preferable than others, but such policy decisions are best left to the USER of the programming language[...] What a PL provides is a set of mechanisms [...] restrict what can be implemented[but] they do not themselves validate some view of inheritance or other[...]" these are also just implemented concepts and do not not have a universal objective meaning....upto the designers to choose suitable mechanisms.

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