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  1. James Bach
  2. Enough about process: What we need are heroes
  3. IEEE Software Magazine V12n2(Mar 1995)pp96-98+replies IEEE Software Magazine V12n3(May 1995)p5-7 [Bach9?]
      "Heroism means going beyond the borders of the known world and returning with new knowledge or wealth[...]sustainable, healthy sort of heroism requires judgement to know how much commitmment and risk is right for the situation. The movement towards process in our industry is an understandable reaction against pathological heroism: heroism for its own sake, in which overcommitment and uncontrolled risk-taking is the norm."

      p97: "The 'cowboy' or 'big magic' model. In this view, gifted people create software through apparent magical means, with no particular guidance or support"

      Can integrate process and heroism by taking a people centred view and seeing software production as a dynamic, complex, etc. system for solving problems.

      Reply: John Henry or Pecos Bill, trial by cold pizza,...

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