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  1. A Gunes Koru & Jeff (Jianhui) Tian
  2. Comparing High-change modules and modules with the highest measurement values in two large-scale Open-Source Products
  3. IEEE Trans Software Engineering V31n8(Aug 2005)pp625-642
  4. =EXPERIENCE MINING OPEN SOURCE Mozilla OpenOffice EVOLUTION MODULES METRICS size cohesion coupling inheritance
  5. Modules that have the most changes are not those with the worst metrics!
  6. High change modules were not quite the highest.
  7. Used Tree based models to correlate metrics and changeability.
  8. Anecdotal: tough problems have highest measures but get the best programmers.
  9. Open source projects are a good source of software engineering data.
  10. Appendix describes the processes in Mozilla and OpenOffice.

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