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  1. Daniel Jackson <mailto:dnj@cs.cmu.edu><http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~dnj/>
  2. Structuring Z specifications with Views
  3. ACM TOSEM V4n4(Oct 1995)pp365-389
  4. CR99611-0903
      Frame conditions decomposition specifications
    1. interlocking partial specifications(partial state+some ops) with shared ops+operations of whole are combinations of partial ops, conflicts with Z refinement model, needs (guard and if disclaimer then postcondition) synchronized ops plus intersecting invariants on states, one view ND other makes deterministic, good views are simple with complex connections, needs implicit spec and preconditions+ explicit framing and uniform types like Z, needs guards+ indexing+semantic actions not in Z,

      Not whole+part decomposition, no master representation, no need to reconcile multplie viewpoints/perspectives [ZaveJackson94]

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