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  1. Daniel Jackson
  2. A Direct Path to Dependable Software
  3. Commun ACM V52n4(Apr 2009)pp78-88 [ 1498765.1498787 ] [ publications.html ]
  5. Based on a study done for NRC lead to Dependability Cases.
  6. Lots of examples of RISKS and how they occurred and how the effect reasoning about the dependability od a system.
  7. A dependability case provides evidence, in the form of claims, that certain critical properties will hold.
  8. The analysis of the critical properties and the claims that support them starts on day one of a project, and guides architectural decisions. Well chosen architecture -- modular, decoupled, simple -- makes it cheaper to establish a dependability case.
  9. Dependability cases should develop "hand-in-hand" with the product. The developers chose techniques and technology to support the claims.
  10. Critical properties should be close to the user/client/real world.
  11. All claims depend on assumptions about the client's world: an air traffic control system can not stop a pilot deliberately crashing into another aeroplane.
  12. Claims connect the developing system, via assumptions, to the critical properties.
  13. A dependability case must be auditable, complete, and sound.
  14. A rigorous process can help establish a dependability case -- but need not be burdensome.
  15. A risk-averse and meticulous culture will help.
  16. Need robust platforms and tools -- language design.
  17. The correctness of code is not the weakest link in the chain -- only 3% of the time...
  18. Testing and analysis contribute as well.
  19. Credible tools -- example of a broken proof: binary search when bounds > largest integer!
  20. See also [JacksonD06] [Jackson01] [Jackson04] (Outer vs inner requirements)

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