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  1. Michael Jackson(MAJ Consulting Ltd. London) <jackson@acm.org>
  2. Requirements & Specifications: a Lexicon of Software Practice Principles and Prejudice
  3. Addison-Wesley Redwood City CA 1995 ISBN 0-201-87712-0 CR9607-0459 D.2.1
  4. Excerpt IEEE Software Magazine V12n6(Nov 1995)pp103-104 and [Jackson94]
    1. No one method.
    2. Context diagrams/problem frames reality driven.
    3. Predicates for precision, composition by "and".
    4. Designations, definitions, assumptions.
    5. Moods: indicative(NAT) vs optative(REQ).
    6. Shared phenomena connect domains.
    7. Individuals.
    8. Danger of vagueness (especially at top level)
    9. Describes some risks+limits of: JSP, Z, DFDs, ERDs, top-down, hierarchies, solutions not problems.
    10. Ref to Phillip Kraft: "Deskilling".
    11. Examples: Dekker, elevators, kohnigsberg, packages, ...
    12. Aboricide
    13. Importance of critical reading
    14. Sent EMail July 23rd 1996

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