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  1. Carl A Gunter & Elsa L Gunter & Michael A Jackson & Pamela Zave
  2. A Reference Model for Requirements and Specifications
  3. IEEE Software Magazine V17n3(May/Jun 2000)pp37-43
  5. W, R, S refer to the environment. S, P, M refer to the system.
  6. Actual expression of descriptions can take many forms.
  7. Designated terms -- typically designate states, events, and/or individuals. e -- controled by environment, s -- controled by system.
  8. Shared terminology.
  9. Three properties of adequacy and consistency define a contract between the buyer and seller of the software.
  10. Similar, relative, properties constrain the specification and imply the three fundamental properties.

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  11. See also [ZaveJackson97b]

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