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  1. Joao W Cangussu & Raymond A DeCarlo & Aditya P Mathur
  2. A Formal model of the software test Process
  3. IEEE Trans Software Engineering V28n8(Aug 2002)pp782-796
  5. Splits testing into phases. Models each phase in turn.
  6. Suggests an linear 2nd order ordinary differential equation to model the number of errors in a piece of software. Complexity is analogous to inertia, test effort is proportional to the number of errors (Volterra predator-prey model!), and that working quickly tends too slow the process(viscosity).
  7. Derives typical curves (some of two exponential decays) and a matrix version.
  8. Presets extreme cases and ways to estimate parameters.
  9. Case study of ΤΕΧ in a Purdue Tech report.
  10. Razorfish porting 4MLoc COBOL to SAP/R3program.

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