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  1. Jonathan P Bowen & Michael G Hinchey
  2. Ten Commandments of Formal Methods ... Ten years later
  3. IEEE Computer Magazine V39n1(Jan 2006)pp40-48
  5. See also "The Ten Commandments revisited: a ten-year perspective on Industrial application of formal methods" Proc 10th Int'l Workshop on formal methods for industrial Critical Systems, ACM Press 2005 pp8-16
  6. CF [BowenHinchey95a]
    I. Thou shalt Choose an Appropriate Notation. More now. Hybrids.
    II. Thou shalt Formalize but not Overformalize. 3 levels: specs, Proofs, machine checked.
    III. Thou shalt Estimate Costs.
    IV. They shalt have a Formal Methods Guru On Call. Plus a domain expert early on.
    V. Thou shalt not Abandon Traditional methods.
    VI. Thou shalt Document Sufficiently. Iterative. Including why & when decided.
    VII. Thou shalt not Compromise thy QUALITY Standards. Notation & method.
    VIII. Thou shalt not be Dogmatic. Gap between analysis & specification.
    IX Thou shalt Test, Test, and Test again.
    X. Thou Shalt Reuse.

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