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  1. P V Bhansali
  2. Survey of software safety standards shows diversity
  3. IEEE Computer Magazine V26n1(Jan 1993)pp88-89
    1. UK MoD: Int Def Stan 00-55 (Formal)
    2. UK MoD: Int Def Stan 00-56 (Hazard Analysis)
    3. Instrument Soc America SP84(draft)
    4. US DoD: Mil-Std-882B(Notice 1)
    5. IEEE CS: P1228(Draft) (Safety plan)
    6. Radio Tech Comm Aero/DO-178A
    7. Int Elect Comm(industrial: SC 65A/WG9... EIA: SEB 6-A UL: UL1998(Draft)
    8. FDA: Control of medical devices


    9. Identify and classify systems hazards
    10. Identify system function allocated to software
    11. Identify hazards related to software
    12. Design to reduce or eliminate hazards
    13. (sw and credible hw)
    14. Implement SW
    15. Verify hazards at acc level and no new hazards
    16. Config management and SQA throughout

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