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  1. Alex Baker & Andres van der Hoek & Harold Ossher & Marian Petre
  2. Studying Professional Software Design
  3. IEEE Software Magazine V29n1(Jan/Feb 2012)pp28-33
  5. Bibliography [ MS.2011.155 ]
  6. Quotes known observations:
    1. Little exploration of alternatives.
    2. Their is no linear process and no design phase.
    3. Whiteboards and other transient media are prevalent in design work.
    4. Notations are informal but not unlike the formal ones.
    5. Experts tend to start by studying the problem and understand how to decompose problems and select the next subproblem to work on.
    6. Designers have strategies but make provisional decisions to allow future options.
    7. Designers try different topics vs the problem.
    8. Experts tend to use local planning and gather feedback rather than analysing requirements.
    9. Process emerges opportunistically not preplanned. But is a mixture of depth and breadth first solution development.
    10. The more familiar the problem, the fewer options are considered.

  7. Introduces results of the workshop:- [NakakojiYamamotoMatsubaraShirai12] [DimaghaniDibble12] (Oracle) [Shaw12] [RooksbyIkeya12]

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