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  1. Jean Paul Bahsoun & Stephan Merz & Corinne Servieres<all@irit.fr>
  2. A Framework for Programming and Formalizing Concurrent Objects [Notkin93] pp 126-137
  3. =THEORY non-sequential objects TLA
      The conjunction of the single agent's specifications plus some axioms representing the communication structure.

    1. messages::=${ sender, destination::agent, mode::modes, type::message_types, parameters::vector, ...}.

      Two modes: asynchronous- after sending the sender does not wait, semi-synchronous - the sender will not send a message of the same type to the same receiver before the first message has been acknowledged by the receiver.

      Assumes arbitrary delays and that messages can get out of order.

      TLA formalization via send[a](M)::=net:| a><M.... Conclusions Now need to investigate inheritance. must spec both components and protocols...

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