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  1. James Bach
  2. Process Evolution in a Mad World
  3. Borland International Internal Report (100 Borland Way Scots Valley CA 96066) [Bach95]
      (for chaos)Leadership->Risk Management->Process Control(for order)

      Risk management - prevent failure vs Goals - maximize success

               V^             V^            V^
       Goal setting<=>Task Planning<=> Task completion

      Risk based evolution.

    1. (riskbased1): absolutely necessary - to handle perceived risk
    2. (riskbased2): make it tolerant
    3. (riskbased3): small informal experiments first
    4. (riskbased4): frequent evaluation
    5. (riskbased5): find a champion
    6. (riskbased6): work with the team
    7. (riskbased7): mentor, not a manuaal
    8. (riskbased8): "formalize" only when necessary
    9. Example Bug reviews. 50..100 bugs per day. 30 bugs an hour.

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