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  1. Will Tracz<tracz@owgvm0.vnet.ibm.com>
  2. Domain Analysis Working Group Report - First International Workshop on Software Reusability(July 1991)
  3. ACM SIGSOFT SEN v17 n3(Jul 1992) pp27-34
  4. REUSE "A domain analysis of Domain Analysis"
      Research area. Extracting and organizing info/objects&operations about a class of systems/problem domain to make it reusable Broagder form of Requirements analysis - generic system. Can be used for more than reuse, covers more than one system,
    1. Models::=definitional|strutural|functional, is a comparatively clumsy way of expressing persistent data structures -::=taxonomies|classes|thesaurus, Structural::= conceptual_graphs |ERD| termsystems, functional::=SADT|STDs|DFDs. Text+functional+objects+Presentation DFDs+ERDs most popular... "It is importatn to bound the domain that one is analyzing, otherwise one will never know when one is done doing the analysis"

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