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  1. James Martin
  2. System Design from Provably Correct Constructs
  3. Prentice-Hall Int(USA) 1985 QA76.9S88M37 1984, Dewey 001.64 ISBN 0-13-881483-X
  4. =ADVERT HOS DATA Algebraic Specifications of AXES FORMAL METHODS FD
    1. Content:
    2. data engineering ch10..14 +App iv,
    3. HOS chapters 3..9,
    4. WHY (ch00) Software Misengineering ch1,
    5. HOS->DFDs ch15 (not vv),
    6. New life cycles ch18,
    7. Theory appendices I, II,
    8. Intrinsic data types Appendices III,
    9. TNF 3NF Third Normal Form Appendix IV,

    (End of Net)

    1. Claims these methods 10 times more productive p124 than informal structured methods.
    2. Shows typical DFD and how it turns into two programs.
    3. p265 " The shortcomings of DFDs as typically drawn[...]As a method of analysis they leave much to be desired. They help conceptualize entangled data flows of data between operations, but unless coupled to a more rigorous forms of analysis, they are often misleading or wrong. They are no substitute for formal data analysis and rigorous functional decomposition."
    4. "Structured Analysis" as commonly practices gives inadequate front-end design(although it is better than unstructured text specifications), and consequently the programs created with it have many errors of specification which are expensive to corrrect"
    5. (but no evidence given of claims)

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