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  1. Neil Maiden
  2. Requirements 25 years on
  3. IEEE Software Magazine V25n6(Nov/Dec 2008)pp26-28
  5. 14 references
  6. 1970s: Requirements were monolithic and used natural language with "noise, silence, contradiction, ambiguity, and wishful thinking". VDM [Bekic70] and JSP [Jackson75]
  7. available but not used. Pencil and Paper
  8. 1977: Ross [Ross77] developed SADT notation (IDEF) and method [Ross85] and story telling.
  9. 1978: [Jackson78] System maintains a model of reality. Leads to JSD in the 1980s
  10. 1979: DeMarco [DeMarco79] , Gane&Sarson [GaneSarson79] , Yourdon [Yourdon75] & Constantine. DFDs. Logical vs Physical. STDs. Functional decomposition. Informal diagrams. structured analysis and design. First CASE tools help draw informal graphics.
  11. 1980s: Greenspan. [BorgidaGreenspanMylopoulos85] [BorgidaGreenspanMylopoulos94] Semantic networks, logic, frames model knowledge about situation. RML: the model is collection of objects of different types. Ontology: entities, activities, assertions. Leads to TROPOS, i*, KAOS (Knowledge Acquisition in Automated Specification). Goals and Constraints. Expert systems.
  12. 1980s: Stakeholders have difficulties articulating requirements. So, repertory grids, card sorting, Laddering. [Maiden09]
  13. 1990s: Ethnography, HCI. Complexity of the working environment.
  14. 1998: Beyer & Holtzblatt [BeyerHoltzblatt94] [BeyerHoltzblatt95] : Contextual enquiry.
  15. 1999: Vicente: Cognitive work Analysis
  16. 2004: [MaidenGizikisRobertson04] : Inventing requirements.
  17. Today: better at identifying stakeholders, use cases and scenarios, quality requirements, reasoning about natural language, multiply viewpoints, detecting and handling conflicts, social techniques, Tracing requirements, tailoring to different domains, training analysts.
  18. Meanwhile: We are tackling larger and more complex systems.
  19. Also see [Maiden05] on requirements research.

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