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  1. Michael A Jackson
  2. Problems & Methods and Specializations
  3. IEEE Software Magazine V11n6(Nov 1994)pp57-62(advert p93)
  4. See IEEE Software Engineering Journal 1994
  5. =ESSAY PROBLEMS vs SOLUTIONS Engineering JSD Refs to Polya Parnas ADTs
      Note. original cited in GlassVessey95, overlaps Jackson95c p57: "Software engineering is hard", "lack of proffessionalism",
    1. "There are no casual builders of cars or bridges", "Many theorists and practitioners, even the most proffessional are naive." p58: "The prerequisites for a more mathematical approach are not yet in place...an automotive engineer [...]a repetoire of standard designs[...]the design space is very narrow." "Understanding the problem and structuring the solution is the primary need"[...]"general computational paradigms[DFDs, objects,...] gives a design space that is too wide for comfort."

      architectural styles, types of problem. focussing on the problem and not the technique. refers to Polya... Problems in context, understand problem::=mapped into set of frames, solutions within and to frames, recombined solutions.

      Need for specialisms within engineering.

      Three frames:

    2. JSD, Workpiece->ADT, Controlled environment
    3. JSD::=Net{Real_World, Information_outputs, Requests, System, Function}
    4. Workpiece::=Net{Workpieces, Operation requests, Operations, machine}
    5. Environmane-Effect::=Net{Environment, Connection, Machine, Requirement}

      ->>Engineering disciplines should not focus on a material so much as a network of connected sets of problems and solutions: Personal transport<net>automobiles. MassTransit<net>railway engines.

      See also session at ICSE95

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