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  1. David Gelernter
  2. Mirror Worlds: or the day software puts the universe in a shoebox...how it will happen and what it will mean
  3. Oxford U Press Oxford UK & NY NY 1991 CR9306-0374 QA76.754 G45 ISBN 0-19-506812-2 BNB 91-19178 Dewey 005
      Linda. "ensembles"=systems. p54: recursive simplicity, clarity, espalier. p114:"Software architecture is no medium for untrammeled whimsy. It imposes ironclad discipline on the designer: The point is to solve a hard problem efficiently, not to make art. But good designers in any medium make art despite themselves; whether they work in steel or concrete or software or silicon, that's precisely how you recognize them."

      p121: "We don't need to tell people "the program can perform the following twenty-three thousand kinds of analysis.: We can show them a picture whose structure mirrord their own concept of the problem, their own mental picture: a low level, a high level, a high level. The lines on the picture show you what depends on what. Again, they mirror your thinking:"

      espalier fixing an ensemble to an architecture. architectureS. Trellis- DAG DFD - predictable timing

      Probes attached to data streams(p124)

      p155: plunge: collect similar cases from memory pool p159: Induction squish set of cases together into exemplar Replunge... CR(A A Mullin) "Here is computer science imitating art imitating computer science. [...]So-called mirrorworlds will be the Great Pyramids of tomorrow: enduring monuments of technology and art.[...]expresses numerour opinions, some of which he defends[...] it resembles the non-visual presentation style found in the Kabbalah. Each of the authors 20 figures approaches surrealist art[...]attempts to explicate object -oriented programming[...]

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