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  1. Mohamed E Fayad & Louis J Hawn & Mark A Roberts & Jerry R Klatt (Macdonnel Douglas Corp)
  2. Using the Shlaer-Mellor Object-Oriented Analysis Method
  3. IEEE Software Magazine V10n2 (Mar 1993)pp43-52 + Correspondence V10n5(Sep 1993)pp6-7
    1. p43. consistently produced better abstract objects than other OOMethods
    2. p44. Best applied to information systems or to re-engineering; when the data objects are defined.

      **disputed in correspondence** Colberts ws succssful, but SAD not defined map from analysis to design, or use of Ada Packages. S-M: 2 months for ERA, rules:uniformit, more than name, no Ors, more than a list. Tangibles|roles|incidents|interactions|specifications

    3. p47 CASE tool:=Teamwork
    4. pp48-49 ->> Object selection(ERA) is sound TNF rules Get a complete information model first, Need more than names and few lowlevel object classes defined. Good in the RT area States -> the wicked problem (Ramamoorthy). Weak in the PQ and S area.
    5. p50. Data and process analysis linked, can express constraints, but DFDs become cluttered needed a data and process dictionary. State models can list duplicate processes. Need more views of objects. Semantics difficult: Just choosing descriptive words.
    6. p51 Interaction insufficiently documented. DFD not much help (*disputed*)with update/retrieval but resulting processes are cohesive. TWO MONTHS.

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