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  1. Larry Constantine
  2. Essentially Speaking
  3. Software Development V2n1(Nov 1994)pp96+95
    1. p96 "Data Flow diagrams were intended as a nonprocedural model o computation, separating the essence of what the computer was to do from how it was to be accomplished through any particular algorithm or procedure[...] In practice, designers often turned DFDs into flowcharts with funny figures, a corruption encouraged by enhancements taht implicitly invited procedural thinking." ref to McMenaminPalmer86, Stephen P McMenamin & John Palmer, Essential Systems Analysis, Yourdon Press 1986
    2. p95 Essential use-case modeling: S-T
    3. p95"If we don't design to the ideal, we can't see where technology or technical assumptions are limiting us, and we may miss completely the opportunity for alternative approaches."

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