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  1. Bruce I Blum
  2. A Taxonomy of Software Development Methods
  3. Commun ACM V37n11(Nov 1994)pp82-94 CR9602-0143
  4. history(pp84-90) methods
      Design methods include analysis...code. All based on ideas started in 1968-1977. No clear dividing lines between successive activities shift from life cycle to process Destinguishes: descriptive models("conceptual")(give guidance) from prescriptive models("formal")(establish criteria). and: problem oriented(focus on understanding the problem/solution) from product oriented(correct transformation from a prescription to a maintainable implementation). Four categories. problem oriented prescriptive models have potential automatic support for product oriented formal problem oriented tend to be descriptive and prescriptive tend to be product oriented.

      Mentions levels of abstraction, virtual machines, SWR, functional decomposition, structured design, coupling, cohesion, structure chart, information hiding, structured programming, proofs of correctness, algebraic specification, ADTs, structured analyisi, DFDs PSL/PSA, ERM(ERD), STD. petrie nets, warnier LCS (not LCP), JSP, JSD, VDM (not Z), OOP, OOA, Modern structured analysis, no silver bullets. ?? mathematical means top-down? isomorphism between problem and solution tension in development between need for subjective designs and formal programs.... top-down vs outside in, data flow vs data structure.

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