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  1. Valdis Berzins & Luqi[Sic] & Amiram Yehudai
  2. Using Transformations in Specification-Based Prototyping
  3. IEEE Trans on Software Eng VSE-19n5(May 1993)pp436-452 QUALITY PURPOSE function
    1. Transformations of specifications during a project.
    2. Spec+DFDs
    3. pp442-443 Software Process
    4. p446 encapsulated user interface in module
    5. pp446-447 requirements evolve
    6. distinguish spec changes from design and implementation changes
    7. p447inheriting from older specifications
    8. p450 Distinguishing (and delaying) optimization decisions from functional requirements.

      pp458-459 distinguishing extention, contraction, refining, abstracting, relaxing, constraining by comparing Vocabulary, Granularity and Behavior.

      pp447-448: The derivation Lattice/poset to explain designs -- configuration management for specs?

      [Snelting96] [KramerLuqiBerzins93]

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