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  1. Yannis Smaragdakis & Don Batory
  2. Mixin Layers: An Object-Oriented Implementation Technique for Refinements and Collaboration-Based Designs
  3. ACM TOSEM Trans Software Eng & Methodology V11n2(Apr 2002)pp149-290
  4. =CASESTUDY large scale Object-Oriented refinement mixin collaboration Java CLOS C++ JTS Jakarta Bali DDD DSL DOMAIN ARCHITECTURE GenVoca ASPECTs
  5. Technique applied to developing 30KLoC Jakarta Tool set in Java -- a tool for doing mixin layers in Java.
  6. A refinement is an operation the extends a piece of software. Refinements can be composed.
  7. Collaborations are refinements that add a specific set of interactions to a set of given classes.
  8. A mixin is an inheritance parameterized by the superclass. Thus for a given super-class a mixin derives an extension to it. Mixins can be composed.
  9. A mixin layer is a collection of related mixins that derive several new classes from given superclasses.
  10. Mixin layers can implement refinement by adding collaborations.

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