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  1. Stephanie D Teasley & Lisa A Covi & M S Krishnan & Judith S Olson
  2. Rapid Software development through Team Collocation
  3. IEEE Trans Software Engineering V28n7(Jul 2002)pp671-683
  5. Using a "war room" for team and customer reps.
  6. RSDC:=6 war rooms.
  7. Customers, sponsors, and the team were very satisfied.
  8. Product was produced quicker than normal as well.
  9. Note. cf claims of agile manifesto.
  10. problems with loss of flow caused by overhearing what others are saying.
  11. 9 kinds of work: discussion with customer, politics, white-board problem solving, status review, team building, training, parallel sessions, solo work, private conversation.
  12. Problem - sprint leads to burn out.

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