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  1. Diomedis Spinellis
  2. Agility Drivers
  3. IEEE Software Magazine V28n4(Jul/Aug 2011)pp96+95
  5. Notes that UK government has adopted "agile ICT delivery methods".
  6. Lists reasons that agile methods now work better:
    1. Operating systems provide support for more functions.
    2. Data base management systems.
    3. Bigger libraries. With free add-on components. Open source code. Findable on the web. Programming-by-googling.
    4. (dick)|-Post-modern mash ups.
    5. Application inter-operability.
    6. Web service interfaces.
    7. Standardized presentation layers like Ajax.
    8. Programing and scripting languages. With lite documentation.
    9. All supported by faster hardware.
    10. Infrastructure: wikis. Version control, instant messaging, bug tracking.
    11. GUI IDEs that also support unit testing.
    12. Software developers are not math or physics majors any more.
    13. Management culture has shifted from task oriented to people oriented.
    14. Stakeholders expect more functionality (Google) but at a just-good-enough level (Twitter).

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